White Fire OG

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White fire OG is also known as WIFI.
It's a mix of fire OG and the white.
As the white is known for producing really high THC levels,
the fire Og is known for its full flavour  and smooth smoke.
THC levels on this strain can exceed 27% in a good growers hands.
The plant is an average tall plant that can be topped easily for a better bushy structure.
It's also very well suited for both SOG and Scrogg.
This smooth smoking strain will give you an uplifting high but a very relaxed feeling as well.

Indica 60% sativa 40%
THC: 24-28%
CBD: 0,3-0,6%
Indoor yield: 500-660g/m2
Outdoor yield: 400-600g/ per plant
Indoor blooming: 8 weeks
Outdoor harvest: end of September