Rainbow Candy

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Rainbow candy is an Indica-dominant mix of Zkittlez and Do-si-dos.
This strain gives a whole new meaning to all the flavours of the rainbow.

A strain that will give you the sweet candy flavour with fresh and fruity hints.
The sweet smell during the grow does not smell like weed anymore but is more like you are visiting a candy shop.
The blend of Zkittlez and Do-si-dos is responsible for this phenomenal strain.
With a high percentage of Indica this strain will still give you an uplifting feeling.
In 8 to 10 weeks you will get the best weed with the taste of the rainbow.
It grows like a large Indica with short internodes, a big main cola and several fully packed side branches.
The blooming period is pretty short for a strain like this, you could harvest it at 7 weeks of flowering but to get
the full resin on the buds and even better flavour we recommend to let it go until week 9.

Indica 80% Sativa 20%
THC: 20-24%
Indoor yield: 500-700g/m2
Outdoor yield: 400-600g per plant
Indoor blooming: 7-9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: 3rd week of September