Peppermint Kush

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Peppermint Kush brings together Barney's own Stella Blue with a Nepalese Kush plant. Peppermint Kush produces large, dense colas with a colourful display that will delight the eyes.

 This is a mostly indica cannabis strain that should not exceed one meter in height. It will grow very well indoors and outdoors. Indoors growers can harvest 550 gr/m2 in 7 - 8 weeks of flowering; outdoors harvest will be in mid-September in northern latitudes. The development of colas is also quite prodigious on the side-branches and support will be necessary in order to avoid them snapping under the weight.

 The aromas and flavours combine the pepper of the Stella Blue with the aromatic mint of the Nepalese Kush. THC production has been measured at 22% with CBD at 1.1%. This is a very potent cannabis plant that should please anyone who is fortunate enough to encounter it.