Original Amnesia

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Original Amnesia is a first class mostly sativa strain that was originally produced from Haze and Northern Lights strains amongst others. Dinafem's version is a cross of two such Amnesias.

The big selling-point of Original Amnesia is the effect that will have you forgetting what you were about to do. Allied to this is the yield and flowering time which are both extraordinary for cannabis of this quality. It has very good resistance to both mould and a wide range of pests that can adversely affect plants. Its buds are very tight and dense for a strain that is 70% sativa and this just adds to its many attractions.

Indoors it will benefit from a very short veg. period and grown in a SoG set-up to maximise yield and minimise the overall life-cycle. Overfeeding has a denigrating affect on flavour so do take care when measuring out the nutes. In 65 days yields of 600 gr/m2 can be yours! Outdoors a warm climate or a greenhouse are recommended; plants can reach a height of 3.5 meters and yield up to 1200 gr each.