Gelato Cookie D'ope Auto

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Gelato Cookie D'oh-Hope is the third in the feminised auto-flowering Triple G line from Dr. Krippling seeds. Like the other strains in this line it is based on the large-sized and high-yielding Grand Heft Auto which was crossed with a very special Girl Scout Cookies Auto. The new strain produced was then back-crossed over a few generations in order to stabilise it and then it was crossed further with the rare Cookies-derived Gelato Auto.

This is one super-fast automatic plant that can finish in as little as seven weeks from germination whether grown indoors or outdoors. Yields are approximately 80 gr/plant and the smell from these sticky buds will stun you. It might be a good idea to sort out some carbon-filtration if you're going to do anything with these near neighbours as it's a bit of a give-away! The tantalising taste of these dense, sticky buds is sure to have you coming back time after time for more of this great tasting weed. THC production is high at up to 20% and the effect is bound to please all auto fans.