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Easy Ryder represented another breakthrough for The Joint Doctor. Following hot on the heels of Lowryder #2 Easy Ryder was the product of that plant which was then crossed with an AK47. The size, production and penetrating aroma of ripe tropical fruits of the AK47 was combined with the automatic ruderalis genetics and resin production of the Lowryder #2. Its 100% auto-flowering traits ensure that it is ready to harvest between 70 - 75 days from germination reaching its full potential when accorded 20 hours of light per 24-hour period.

Outdoors multiple harvests are possible per summer, but the exact number will depend on the length of the growing season in any particular location. It is recommended to plant outdoors between May and August in the northern hemisphere with the final harvest taking place during November where conditions allow. Growing in a greenhouse will lengthen the window of opportunity at higher latitudes.