Dos-Si-Dos 33

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More California genetics from Barney's Farm courtesy of Dis-Si-Dos 33, an indica-dominant (60%) strain which displays a super-concentration of terpene power, very high yields, off the map THC levels as well as an aesthetically-pleasing visual aspect. To cap it all this is a strain which is very easy to grow.

 Its genetic heritage is rather complex, encompassing OG Kush Breath (GSC x Face Off OG) crossed with Barney's own Cookies Kush (OG Kush x GSC); the product of this union was further dusted with magic via some Gelato #33 genetics - a fusion of Sunset Sherbet and the Thin Mints pheno of GSC! Quite some cannabis pedigree we're sure you'll agree.

 It's a beautiful plant which turns both lime green and violet for a striking contras which will brighten any garden. tIndoors this plant remains fairly squat growing to a height of 90 cm. or so. In 60 - 65 days of flowering yields as high as 700 gr/m2 can be obtained. Outdoors, up to 2000 gr/plant can be harvested (dried weight) in mid-October. Having good resistance against the cold as well as against mould and insects means that its zone of cultivability is quite wide.

 Its scent is reminiscent of cookies, sherbet and lime while the taste has mint, lime and spice to the fore. THC production is very high at between 22 - 28% and this provides an initial burst of euphoric sativa-style energy before evolving into a very physically relaxed state which has sedative properties. The effect is long-lasting and somewhat old-school in nature.