Acid Dough

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One of the varieties that will surprise this year. Acid Dough is the result of crossing a selection of Lilly (Queen Mother x Congo) with the famous OG Badazz.

Two of the outstanding characteristics of Acid Dough are the high production of flowers and the rapidity in its flowering phase.

Violet tones in the exterior flowers will devote their sensitivity to cold temperatures, something very advisable when the flowering is ending as it will improve the resin production and its final appearance.

Its flavour is a perfect blend of sweet and sour, much like a pineapple treat. A mixture that will surprise the experts of the European and American market since their lineage does not come from the classic commercial lines.


VEGETATIVE:  2 to 4 weeks

GENOTYPE:  80% Sativa / 20% Indica



PRODUCTION:  Very high

EFFECT:  Euphoric / Energetic